Situation:  Massive lime stone panels fell off a large design firm’s high rise project on a heavily trafficked urban site.  No personal injuries reported yet, but parked cars had been crushed.  Reporters were on the story immediately.  Beleaguered by calls and concerned about insurance and media implications, the firm contacted their broker-consultants at MGW.

MGW Response:  Mindful of short and long-term potential liability insurance implications, MGW developed a 2-tiered crisis management plan, incorporating Public Relations and Claims Control.   MGW provided the client with talking points for the press to quell the media fury and ensure swift, prudent client actions.  MGW referred this client to a specialized PR consultant to minimize the potentially devastating effects that negative press coverage could have on completing this project on time/budget, securing future contracts, sustaining client relationships, and maintaining insurance coverage at reasonable premiums.  MGW simultaneously contacted the insurer via its claim representative, implementing best practices during a crisis situation. 


MGW’s strong relationships with their clients, strategic partners, the press, and claims representatives and their comprehensive approach to managing the various interrelated activities and disciplines that ultimately affect professional liability insurance enabled the client to have a multi-functional team working on their behalf immediately.