Situation: Very large engineering firm with offices in 17 states and across 5 countries has ongoing complex insurance needs. 


MGW Response:   The client selected MGW to support all of their insurance needs, including professional liability, property, general liability, workers compensation, and international coverage. MGW was chosen as the preferred brokerage firm because of their deep specialization in Architectural and Engineering firms; analytical approach to assessing insurance requirements; broad industry knowledge and unparalleled access to world-class underwriters.   As a critical partner who oversees the client’s full insurance portfolio, MGW also provides continuous strategic counsel to ensure that the client is proactively developing their firm’s global policies and regional practices to avoid unanticipated exposure to unnecessary or uninsured risks. 


MGW’s strategic planning role has maximized the client’s efficiency and bottom-line growth potential by uncovering potential adverse effects associated with what had been mistakenly considered low-risk ventures or activities.  Via their Strategic Planning practice area, MGW provides ongoing continuing education, hiring counsel, and contract review.  The client has integrated MGW into their firm's standard planning process because of MGW's comprehensive understanding of how the various firm operations around the globe affect their exposure and mandate specific insurance coverage.  MGW is for this client full-service insurance broker and strategic consultant.