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 Of Counsel: More Than Just A Casual Designation - CNA Professional Counsel

Guest Essays

·  December, 2014 - Partnership Succession and Compensation Planning -
   By: Thomas Berman & Associates

·   November, 2014 - “All that Glitters”…may not be Lateral Hiring
    By: Michael G. Welbel and Thomas Berman

·   August, 2014 - Construction Teaming Agreements – For Better or Worse - By: Alan B. Kim, Jr.

·   April, 2014 - Stirring the Pot: Workplace Drug Policy Implementation in the Era of Legalized
    Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana - By: Stephanie K. Rawitt, Clark Hill



·   ABA Claims Data (2008-2011)

·   Law Firms and Risk Control

    CNA’s recent analysis of claims arising out of litigation made against its large law firm clients over
    the last two years (2011)

Risk Management

·   Think Before Speaking: Defamation Pitfalls for the Unwary Lawyer

·   More Money, More Problems: Overcoming the Risks of Alternative Litigation Financing

·   Scammer Targeting Attorneys - Advice and Insight Into The Practice of Law

·   Sample Disclosure Regarding Email and Employer Computer

·   Form Engagement Letter, American Bar Association

·   Creating a Record Retention & Destruction Policy:
      CNA Professional Counsel Guide for Lawyers and Law Firms

·   Rules Governing the Legal Profession and Judiciary in Illinois

Industry Associations and Committees
·    American Bar Association (ABA)
     o    Center for Professional Responsibility
     o    Continuing Education
     o    Law Practice Management
     o    Professional Development
     o    Professional Liability

·    Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission